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Q: How do I arm/disarm my Honeywell Security System?
A: Make sure that all your doors are closed, and no one is walking around motion sensors. You should now have the green ready light on. If your system does not display a green ready light, and your panel shows "Not Ready", press the * key (lower left) and it will display the open zone(s). Go to that zone and close the door. Depending on your system set up, most panels are set to press and hold the "AWAY" (usually the top left key) key until the system starts to beep. Simply exit the building. The siren will sound for a brief moment to let you know that your building is now armed. Some businesses are set up so that they can keep track of who armed/disarmed the system. In this case, the user must enter his/her own 4 digit code + 2 for away. EVERYONE has to enter their 4 digit code + 1 when they enter the building to disarm the alarm.


Q: I have "AWAY", "STAY", AND "NIGHT" marked on large keys on the left. What does each one mean?
A: The Away Mode is when everyone has left the building. This arms your doors, glass break sensors, motion sensors. The Stay mode arms your doors and glass break sensors, but disarms your motion sensors so that you can walk around the house without setting off the alarm. It also keeps the delay on your entry door so that a family member can enter without setting off the alarm. They must disarm the system and then reset it. The Night mode is the same as the Stay mode with the exception that the delay is removed from the entry door, so the alarm will sound as soon as the door is opened. You would use this mode when no one else is expected to enter the building for the night.


Q: I have smoke, heat, low temperature, water sensors on my system, but my system is not always armed. How does that effect those sensors.
A: Any fire, smoke, heat, low building/hot tub temperature, or flood (water) sensors are always programmed to be on 24 hours a day, whether or not your system is armed.


Q: I have a "bat" showing on my keypad, and the keypad is beeping. What does that mean?
A: First off, press any key on the keypad to stop the beeping. It means that your main back up battery has run it's life span. They should last about 3-5 years. If your system shows "bat", followed by a number, that means that the battery in your wireless device, such as a motion or door sensor needs to be replaced. Please call our office for service. If you elected our full warranty service package, then the service call is free, but the cost of the replacement batteries are not. Most systems are programmed so the monitoring station is also notified, and they will call you to remind you.


Q: I am getting false alarm signals from my system, yet when we check the building everything seems ok. What could be the problem?
A: There could be a number of reasons. You may have had something fall off a shelf, or paper moving from a heating deck which could set off glass or motion sensors. You may also have an issue with a sensor, either it is defective or the magnets have been moved, or a broken wire in the sensor. Rarely is the problem found in the panel, however that cannot be ruled out. The main cause that we have found is your main battery has shown you that it is low. (bat upper right on the keypad screen) You usually have a couple of weeks before it needs to be replaced. If it is not replaced, then the system will send out an alarm to the monitoring station as a final call for help. Please contact our office in the event of any false alarm. We wish to ensure that you have a safe, dependable system. You should not get false alarms from you equipment, however they are electronic and subject to failure over time.


Q: I had an alarm this morning when I came into work, and now I can't arm the system?
A: When you have an alarm, the system shows you "Alarm 02". This means that zone two was tripped and went into the alarm mode before the proper code was entered. Please remember what the zone number was when you call us. If it is the result of a faulty sensor, than that helps us locate the problem. If it was because you didn't enter your code in time when you came in, you do not need to contact us. To remove, what is called a "latched memory", simply enter your four digit code + 1 again. This will clear that memory and bring you back to the ready state for arming.


Q: We do not have a land phone line in our building as we just use our cell phones. Do we have to have a land line for our alarm system?
A: Yes and No. The primary means of communication for an alarm system is through land telephone lines. However, if you have internet in the building, then a combination of radio and internet modules are available. They use the primary communications of the internet, and if the internet is down, then they are backed up by a radio device. There is an extra monthly fee for this service. The nice thing about it is that you can go onto the Honeywell Website and access your system to do such things as arm/disarm your system, change the temperature in your building, turn on lights etc. These are all optional equipment. You may also use these modules as a backup communication if you have a land line. Another alternative is a digital cell unit. This sends the signals in full reporting fashion to the Monitoring Station through the data side of the cellular network. There is also an additional monthly fee for this service.


24 Hour Support Line, (403) 753-0029 or 1-877-333-1867.

Depending on the type of panel, you may add up to 48 different codes, one for each employee. Each employee is assigned a four digit code, along with what is called a "User Number." Some businesses use only one code if they have a small amount of employees who have been with them a long time.
We recommend that each employee be given a separate code. In the event that the employee leaves the business, then it is a simple process to enter the new employee's code, which also deletes the old employee's code at the same time.
One employee should be designated to have the "master code." This is normally the person that will be responsible for the system, and who will be the only one that can add, change or delete the other user codes. The master code should not be given out to anyone but the person designated as the master. Each other employee should also not give their code to anyone else, except of course to the master. These codes may be kept by the master and locked in a secure manner for future reference.

Name: User #: Code assigned:
Joan (Master) 02 1234
Bev 04 5678
John 05 4256
Peter 06 1867

The master code is assigned by the installer at the time of installation and is always User Number 02. Do no use user # 03, this is reserved for something else. As you add more employees, simply assign the next user number, in the above case it would be 07, 08, etc.

TO ADD A NEW USER CODE: On the keypad follow these steps. One short beep means the system has accepted the code.

Master code + 8 + User # + four digit code. To add Bev for example, you would enter

1234 + 8 + 04 + 5678

You must do this fairly quickly, if there is a pause of more than 2 seconds the system will not accept it. If you do not get the short beep, then simply re-enter the data. One long beep means that the code you are trying to enter has already been assigned.

TO CHANGE USER CODES: Let's say Bev has left the employment and is replaced by Cathy. Once you have entered Cathy's new code, Bev's old code is erased and will no longer work.

Master code + 8 + User # + four digit code.

1234 + 8 + 04 + 7596

If it had been John who left, and replaced by Cathy, then you would use User # 05 etc.

TO DELETE A USER CODE: Now let's say that Peter is leaving your company, and you have decided that you will not replace that position, or you have not hired anyone yet. Once deleted, then John's code will no longer work.

Master code + 8 + User Number + # + 0

1234 + 8 + 06 + # (bottom right key) + 0.

The other advantage of assigning each employee a different code is to be able to track when they come in, and leave. This is called event logging and reporting. It can be accessed from the monitoring station (extra monthly fee) you will send you a monthly report, or via phone for a specific date. Mocaco Security Ltd can upload the system's panel and send you a report. (Extra monthly fee or pay per usage) The higher end keypads, such as the touch screens are able to show you the same info. Accessible by the Master Code.

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